If you are looking for a web designer in Dundee, look no further!  Carnoustie Creative have a great track record of producing compelling websites for far less than the competition charges.  We keep our costs low and pass this on to you with reasonable prices.

Carnoustie Creative delivered a website that beat our expectations, and contributed to the success of our event.

Steve Flack

Alba Real Ale Festival

Websites you can edit

We build all our custom sites on top of strong foundations – WordPress.  WordPress is a leading content management system that today powers over one fifth of all sites on the internet.  Best of all, it’s open source so are not tied into us for hosting, or any ongoing maintenance contracts.  We want to make money selling your our website design and building expertise, not by locking you into ongoing support contracts.

What does WordPress do for you?  It enables you to edit your website very easily, so pages can be changed, new pages can be added, or removed, but all within the constraints of the design we create for you, and without you needing to know the finer points of web page design or programming.

Keeping costs low

We use standard components (like WordPress – see above) and a number of other tools to build sites quickly, and cost effectively.  We have built up extensive experience with a number of standard components like galleries, slideshows and menu systems so these can quickly and cheaply be included in your site.  You are able to leverage our knowledge and past work.

Responsive web design

As smartphones and tablets become a part of everyday life for billions of people are the world, ensuring you cater to this audience is more important than ever.  A responsive design takes into account the various possible screen sizes and adjusts the layout automatically.  Every design we create is responsive, so your site will look good and work well on an Android phone, an iPad or a desktop PC.  You can read more about responsive design on our blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation – SEO – is like fitness, it’s an ongoing journey rather than a destination.  We can design a site that presents the information to search engines in the most accessible fashion, and advise you on an SEO strategy, but to improve your search ranking, you need ongoing work.  We can offer our help, or recommend local Dundee based SEO experts if you really need to make an impact quickly.

Choose Carnoustie Creative as your web designer in Dundee

If you need a new site, or have an existing site that needs a refresh, we would love to help you.  We don’t charge for an initial meeting & consultation and we can help you get the best out of the web for your business.  Get in touch today using the form below  and let’s talk!