Most small and medium-sized organisations have limited experience with the process of developing websites, simply because they’ve either never done it, or don’t do it very often.

The illustration of the process below is a guide for the most typical situation.  Some things might differ – for example, the inital meeting could be by telephone if distance is a problem.

  • 1. Initial meeting

    We prefer to meet face to face, but sometimes geography and schedules conspire against us. We will provide a written proposal and if you are a new customer, we’ll ask you for a deposit before we start the visuals.

  • 2. Visuals

    After listening to your requirements and ideas we design some example website “visuals” that you can review. We might not get what you’re looking for first time, so there could be a couple of iterations.

  • 3. Approval

    Once you’re happy with the visuals, you give us your approval and we start work on the site.

  • 4. Site build

    We develop your site according to the visuals. We might give you a preview and ask for your feedback if the site is complex.

  • 5. Sign off

    You approve the final web site, complete with content, and pay us for our work! We arrange one to one training + handover for you.