We like to keep paperwork to a minimum and avoid lengthy documents written in legalese, however to protect ourselves and to establish mutual trust, we do have some terms & conditions that are detailed below:

1. Contract: The instruction for work to commence and the payment of the required deposit by the client constitutes a contractual agreement between the client and Carnoustie Creative (a trading name of Celios limited). The instruction for work to commence and payment of the required deposit indicates the client has read and agreed to the terms & conditions outlined in this document.

2. Intellectual property: Carnoustie Creative will hold copyright of any material, including any source code and photography created for the client, until payment of the final invoice is made. At this time we will transfer the copyright to the client. Copyright of stock imagery used in web or graphic designs are represented by their own respective copyright notices.

3. Client responsibilities with regard to copyright: In situations where clients provide images, text, animations or any other content for their website or media publication(s) they are legally responsible for ensuring that this material does not infringe any copyright laws. Photographs taken by Carnoustie Creative remain the copyright of Carnoustie Creative until payment of the final invoice is made.

4. Office Hours: Normal office hours apply Monday to Friday. Work requested outside of office hours will be charged at rates agreed with the client.

5. Mockup and draft designs: Any mockup / draft designs supplied to the client by Carnoustie Creative remain the intellectual property of Carnoustie Creative. We reserve the right to use any un-used mockups / drafts in our portfolio and or in other design projects.

6. Proofing: Clients are responsible for final proofing of artwork and web designs. We check all our artwork and web designs before publishing, but clients are responsible for final proofing. In the case of printed materials, Carnoustie Creative cannot be held liable for any errors found after the client has approved artwork for print. If in doubt we suggest using a professional proof reader.

7. Accreditations: On all web design work Carnoustie Creative reserves the right to credit work to Carnoustie Creative with the inclusion of the company logo. Clients can request the exclusion of credits with prior agreement from Carnoustie Creative.

8. Travel time and expenses: Travelling time to and from client premises is included in our quotations. Meetings prior to the agreement for work to commence are not chargeable (to a maximum of two meetings per project). Other travel will be agreed with the client and charged as expenses accordingly.

9. Quotations: The price quoted to a client is for the cost to complete the project as detailed in the proposal. Major changes to the scope of a project may require a revised proposal. The client will be advised when making such a change and a new proposal will be put forward by Carnoustie Creative for approval.

10. Deposit: A deposit of 25% of the total cost of the project is required before work can commence. After work commences this is non-refundable.

11. Payment options: Payment is currently accepted by cheque or BACS transfer in UK Pounds Sterling, unless otherwise agreed. Returned cheques are deemed as non payment and may begin to incur late payment charges as detailed on the related invoice. See invoice for exact terms.

12. Payment due dates: Invoices are due 30 days after their issue date. See invoice for their respective due dates. Due to the size of our business, cash flow is paramount and therefore late payments may result in additional charges.  Invoices not settled 60 days after the invoice issue date will lead to service curtailment and eventually withdrawal of service.

13. Handover: Website handover (including user login credentials) will only take place once the final invoice has been paid in full.

14. Cancellation: The client may terminate the contract at any point but in doing so will forfeit the deposit. All uncompleted designs remain the copyright of Carnoustie Creative.

Notes: Should Carnoustie Creative waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit Carnoustie Creative to waive the same clause on any other occasion. By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected. Should clarification of any of the above points be required please contact us.