Every site we develop is based on a free CMS, so you can update the content of the site yourself.  To help you get the most from your site and get up to speed quickly, we include free online training videos that take you through adding content, uploading pictures and the all the basic things you need to keep your site up to date.

Each video is focused on a specific element (e.g. adding a picture) so you can split your learning into byte-sized chunks!

In addition to the videos, we also include a searchable online manual that contains more reference material.  Different people learn in different ways and it’s always good to have a number of sources to use.

Of course, we don’t just leave you to your own devices.  We carry out a handover of every site we develop – this is usually carried out on your site (subject to travel distance if outside Dundee/Perthshire/Angus/Aberdeen areas) – and will guide you through how you manage your site and how to get help once it’s up and running.  We can also supply a printed manual if you prefer to leaf through a paper document, please ask us to include the price in any web site quote we give if you’d like this option, there is a very small additional charge to cover printing costs.

Example video