Built on WordPress

Every site we build is based on a CMS (Content Management System).  It might sound daunting, but really there’s nothing to it – it just means that rather than creating each web page by hand there is a template that we create, then you fill it with your content; a bit like filling out a form.

The main benefit of a CMS is that you don’t need to understand anything about design, websites or technology to maintain your own website.

The CMS we use is called WordPress.  WordPress is probably the most popular system for content management, has been around for a while and is well understood.  It’s also very portable, meaning that most Internet Service Providers are able to host it, so you won’t be “locked in” and forced to stay with us or any other supplier.

I hope this isn’t complicated…

Don’t worry – it isn’t!  WordPress is very easy to use, and the process of editing your website pages is no more complicated than sending an email, or editing a letter in a word processor.  We’ll set the system up for you and make everything as simple as it can be, hiding any options that you don’t need to see.



When your site is ready to be handed over to you, we’ll show you how to edit and add pages so you can make changes without needing to pay or contact anyone else.

New! We are pleased to announce that we now provide online training videos and manuals integrated into the admin section of your site, so you can learn how to use the functions right in front of your computer as you edit the site.

Of course, if you do need some help, we’re just on the end of the phone or an email.