Many people think they can’t afford a custom designed website and will have to resort to using templates or website builders that often result in sub-standard sites.

So you can see just how cheap and affordable our prices are, we’ve put together a package called “website in a box” – everything you need to have your own website and get your business online in style.

Cheap custom websites

For £700 (excluding VAT), you get:

  • A beautiful custom designed site that complements your organisation’s identity and will help you create a great impression.  The basic website allows you to create unlimited pages of content and includes:
    • A homepage design
    • A content page (this is one) design
  • A contact form set up to email you when someone uses it to get in touch.
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly styling
  • Up to 50 free email boxes.
  • The ability to edit the content of the pages yourself – it’s very simple and we show you how.
  • One year of hosting absolutely free.
  • Submission of your site to Google
  • Your site set up to use Google Analytics so you can track your site usage and where your users come from, etc.
  • Online video tutorials and an online manual to help you get up to speed quickly with editing and adding new pages.

Things you don’t have:

  • Hassles relating to set up or configuration of your site – we look after all of that.
  • Any headaches trying to learn about webdesign or hosting.
  • Hidden or additional costs. We include hosting for the first year (pricing for subsequent years is very reasonable shown here – you can host your site anywhere you like, it doesn’t have to be with us).