Can you afford NOT to have a mobile friendly website?

6 May 2017

With news today from Google that it now has more searches from mobile devices than desktop machines in 10 countries including the US and Japan, can you afford to have a website that isn’t mobile friendly?

At Carnoustie Creative we recognised the importance of mobile friendly websites early on and every site we’ve built in the last two years (numbering over 50) has been responsive / mobile-friendly.

Mobile D-Day or “Mobilegeddon”

In recognition of the increasing use of mobile devices across the globe, on April 21st 2015, Google implemented changes to their ranking algorithm. Now they take into account if a site is mobile friendly or not when searches are made from a mobile device. Simply put, this means that if someone uses a mobile phone or tablet to search and your website is not mobile friendly, your site will be ranked lower just because of this. Are your competitors now ranking above you simply because your old website isn’t mobile-friendly?

You could be spending money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but without addressing an issue that will affect your ranking for an ever increasing number of searches.

Responsive Web Design

“Responsive Web Design” is the term used to describe a website that adapts to size of the display on the device it is viewed on. For instance, a layout may change to better fit the tall and thin display of a smartphone vs the wider display available on a laptop or desktop computer. We adopted responsive design in 2013 and have incorporated it into every site we have created since. With three years of experience building mobile friendly sites, we can help.

For a more detailed look, have a look at our previous blog post on Responsive Design.