Ten years ago, over 99% of web site visitors were using a personal computer. The last 5 years have seen explosive growth in the use of smartphones, tablets and other devices that are capable of browsing the web. Smartphone sales actually overtook sales of desktop PCs in 2011, and in 2012 almost one third of internet use is via a mobile phone.

For many items that users search for, Google says that 1 out of 7 searches are conducted using a mobile device. It is important that your web site looks good and works across a number of different mobile browsers.

An increasing trend is the use of a smartphone like an iPhone as the primary way of accessing the internet. A growing number of your potential customers will be accessing your website using their mobile phone or tablet, and if your site doesn’t look good, or worse is difficult to navigate / broken, they will take their business elsewhere.

We develop mobile-friendly websites as standard, so you can be assured your site will be easy to use and functional for people browsing with smartphones, iPads and other tablets and conventional personal computers.

Our philosophy is to consider mobile devices from the outset, and develop a single “responsive” design that will target both mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Existing websites

We can also help you add support for mobile devices to your existing websites and have done this for a number of our clients. Get in touch for an estimate.