We use WordPress exclusively as the base for the sites we develop and have considerable experience creating and updating custom WordPress themes.

WordPress is now extremely popular, and is estimated to be powering over 20% of the sites on the internet.  It has moved beyond it’s roots as a blogging platform and is now a fully-fledged content management system (CMS) that can used as the foundation of a website, a blog or even a basic intranet.

Because WordPress is now so widely used, it is extremely well supported with a mature ecosystem of plugins, add-ons and integrations with other tools.  This helps us develop sites quickly and it helps you to get the maximum value from your blog or site for the minimum spend.

Custom Themes

If you run a blog, or a website and want a strong visual impact that will tie into your other branding, we can develop a custom WordPress theme, based on your own ideas, an existing design or using creative input from us.  Everything from professional corporate imagery through to light-hearted cartoon characters is possible, it just depends on what kind of image you want to present.

Custom Widgets

If you already have a blog, but would like a custom “widget” – perhaps for integration with another system – or maybe you want to offer the widget so WordPress users can connect to your site or application, we can help.

Custom Plug-ins

We have developed a number of custom WordPress plug-ins for clients who had data stored in an external legacy system that they wanted to upload and present in their WordPress based site.  As with custom WordPress themes, this can help you get a great looking website up and running without big changes to your existing systems, and without spending a lot of money!

If you have a requirement for a custom WordPress theme, custom plug-in or widget, get in touch today and we can start helping your build your next great website!