Citylets mobile

Citylets mobile screenshot

Key Features

  • Static Javascript app
  • “App like” functionality
  • 100% Mobile focus
  • Extensive testing across devices
  • jQuery mobile app

Citylets noticed that mobile visitors were an increasing source of traffic for their site – the leading Scottish property rental portal.  We worked with them to develop a strategy for providing a better experience for mobile users.  With a recently refreshed iPhone / iPad app, they wanted something that would provide a solution for the remaining types of smartphone, or casual users with an iPhone who didn’t want to download the app.

jQuery mobile app running on SGS4

The mobile app increased conversions by 50%

Using  jQuery mobile we developed a dedicated mobile website a provides a much improved “app like” experience for users.  The mobile site is delivered as a static Javascript app.  Using their existing in house API we were able to develop lightweight, fast loading pages that are easily cached but at the same time, offer “app like” functionality such as a persistent list of favourites and searches based on the user’s current location.

Delivering results

The new mobile site went live in Q4 2013 and was an instant success, the number of rental enquiries  generated from the mobile app increased by 50% in the first week, and the jquery mobile app was so successful  that plans for an upgrade to the Citylets Android app were shelved.