How much will my site cost?

It depends how complex it is.  We have guideline pricing here, and this site is an example of what’s possible for around £500.  If you add extra features like complicated forms, ecommerce, or many different page layouts, the price will increase.

Do I have to use you for hosting?

No, absolutely not. We offer a free hosting hosting service for your first year to keep things as simple as possible for you.  If you have your own hosting provider already and are happy there is no need to move and we can work with your existing host to deliver your website.

Am I tied to Carnoustie Creative?

No, once we’ve developed your site you own the site and it’s content.  Because the site is developed using standard technology, you can easily take it to another web design company or hosting provider.

I don’t know anything about websites, can you help me?

Certainly!  We have years of experience developing websites and dealing with technology.  We try to avoid jargon or presumptions about what you know and help you to understand the choices, technology and how it can help you.

Do I get any additional support after my site is up and running?

We add the initial content (that you provide) to your website.  As part of the handover of your site, we’ll show you how to edit your web pages and add new ones.  If you get stuck or simply forget something, we are available on the end of the phone or an email.  If you want us to edit your pages for you, we can do that, please contact us for more details.